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BioBag Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

BioBag® Dog Waste Bag Dispenser for use in municipal parks, dog parks, and
other public areas
    • Heavy duty design with lock
    • Easily recognizable with clear front design
    • Can be attached to a pole or any flat mounting surface.
    • Quickly reloaded and locked
    • No polyethylene is used in the production of BioBag® products
    • BNQ and BPI Compostable certified product
    • Available as retail packed product or in bulk quantities


BioBag Dog-Waste Bags do not contain
any polyethylene-based ingredients.
They are as natural as dog waste and
decompose within 40 days in a wellfunctioning
composting environment.
It starts with a dog.... ... and ends with clean parks!


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Product Details

Item #: Ce95560
Description: BioBag Dog Waste Bag Dispenser
1 piece
Shipping Weight: 4.000 kg per unit
4.000 kg per case
Ordering Details

QtyPrice / each
1 unit$135.00 each
2-0 units$135.00 each
1 case of 1$135.00 ($135.00 each)
*Freight and applicable taxes extra

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