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Changing the world without changing the Earth

Ecolife Spot & Stain remover contains nano sized particles called micelles that effectively cut through the carbon bonds in organic molecules and emulsify organic matter. Oil, grease, urine, and other organics are broken down, suspended and safely lifted away from carpets, rugs, upholstery, and clothing.


Removes wine stains, grass stains, juice stains, blood, rust, and some dried paints spills- just to name a few applications.


Spot & Stain is an ideal product for the pet owner; cleans urine and feces stains quickly and effectively. Stanitizes while it works.

Amazing results when used with a steam cleaner on rugs and carpet to lift and remove tough old dried stains.


Use as a pre-spray on clothing to be washed. Provides excellent results to lift and remove "ring around the collar" from permanent press shirts. Will remove stains from bedding as well. Follow directions on label.


Safe for all surfaces, Not tested on animals, biodegradable, completely plant based.


742ml      MADE IN CANADA

Product Details

Item #: Spot & Stain
Description: Spot & Stain
1 unit
Shipping Weight: 0.750 kg per unit
11.250 kg per case
Ordering Details

QtyPrice / each
1 unit$5.99 each
2-14 units$4.99 each
1 case of 15$59.85 ($3.99 each)
*Freight and applicable taxes extra

For volume and reseller purchase inquiries please contact us at

Ecolife Natural Cleaning Solutions


"Replacing Poisons is our business!"


A full line of eco-friendly, highly effective patented plant based cleaners.

"Where Science and Mother Nature meet"






       ...& more to come!            ( Private label available )