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Changing the world without changing the Earth
PRODUCTS \ BioBag Biodegradable Household Bags \ BioBag? Food Waste 10L
BioBag® Food Waste 10L

Changing the world without changing the Earth

  • Planet Friendly
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Compostable
  • No polyethylene is used in the production of BioBags

For the collection of kitchen food scraps and other biodegradable waste for composting

Kitchen food waste makes great compost! BioBags® take the mess out of food waste collection, keeping your compost pail odour-free. When disposed, BioBag® will biodegrade as naturally as the food scraps, leaving no harmful residue.

BioBags are also great for food storage! You'll love using BioBags® to store refrigerated fruits and vegetables. BioBags® "breathe" without leaking. This unique feature allows heat and moisture to evaporate through the walls of the bag, keeping fruits and vegetables fresher longer. Try it! Your veggies will stay crisp and fresh days longer than using regular plastic food storage bags.

Please look for the BPI compostable logo to assure the products you buy are truly biodegradable and compostable. We thank you for helping reduce the amount of polyethylene-based bags that litter our streets, backwoods and waterways.

Line your MaxAir kitchen composter with 10L (Food Waste) BioBags® and start collecting food waste in your kitchen. When your bucket is full, take the full BioBag® to your compost bin where it will compost in 30 days. Then put another BioBag® in your MaxAir kitchen composter. There's virtually no cleanup!



Product Details

Item #: 187144
Description: BioBag? Food Waste 10L
20 bags per carton
Shipping Weight: 0.227 kg per carton
2.727 kg per case
Dimensions: (16 x 17 inches) 10L (3 gallon)
Thickness: 17.8 microns
Ordering Details

QtyPrice / each
1 carton$5.50 each
2-11 cartons$4.99 each
1 case of 12$54.00 ($4.50 each)
*Freight and applicable taxes extra

For volume and reseller purchase inquiries please contact us at

EcoLife Products is a proud member of
the Recycling Council of Ontario

On behalf of the environment, we thank you.