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Changing the world without changing the Earth


Ecolife Products introduces Ecoindustrials - Compostable bags and bin liners for businesses, schools, colleges, universities, and restaurants who wish to use certified compostable bags and bin liners for organic waste separation or for green cart programs. Available in bulk quantities.


New! EcoProduce bags offer retailers an alternative to plastic produce bags. Ecolife's new EcoProduce bags are available in rolls for quick and easy dispensing. Low cost and good for the environment -tell your retailer today that they're available!  Certified compostable and biodegradable. Food contact safe.


Ecolife's BioBag products can be used to effectively store your vegetable and fruit purchases to extend freshness and crispness.

Ethylene gases which normally get trapped in plastic bags speeds up the decompostion process of your purchases.  BioBags "breathe" and allow the gases to escape.  Consider storing your purchases in BioBag Food Waste bags which allows your greens and fruits to remain in great condition reducing spoilage and food costs. Try them on your carrots, lettuce, celery, beans, corn and other produce purchases. You'll never use a plastic produce bag again. Bring back the crunch of your fruits and vegetables!


The provincial government wants Ontarians to cut in half the number of plastic shopping bags they use over the next five years.  The Star, May 9th .  


CBC News presents " The Battle of the Bag"  This in depth look at plastics bags, their effect on our environment and what some people and places are doing about.  This is a must see !!!

The Ontario government unveiled a consumer incentives program on Wednesday aimed at reducing the number of plastic bags being used.  CTV News May 9th.


Ontraio Parks switches to BioBags   Ontario Parks News July 2007.



Recycling Council of Ontario - Protecting the environment for future generations through reduction, reuse, and recycling.


Plastic, like diamonds, are forever! Because plastics do NOT biodegrade, no naturally occurring organisms can break these polymers down.   The Algalita Marine Research Foundation short film



Manitoba town gives plastic bags the boot.  CBC News April 2007

Watch a short film by a Canadian filmmaker on plastic found in our oceans -by clicking the picture below.

Click the picture above to play



Reusable Green Bags are now available with your custom printing slogans, events and company logos in quantities as low as 50 pcs! Locally printed our Green Bags are available at a low cost with quick turn around. Call for a quote today!


NEW! Purchase your Ecolife BioBag Food Waste Bags in bulk and save! Contact Ecolife or your local BioBag retailer for details. Reduce packaging and save.


EcoLife Natural Cleaning Solutions are highly effective all natural plant based cleaners that really work! Choose from Ecolife's new selection for all your cleaning needs. Safe to use around your home, office, or schools. People, Pet and Planet friendly.


Strainee - NEW Product!  

Shower Strainee, Bathtub Strainee, Sink Stainee - Low cost drain strainers that are biodegradable ! Ask for them by name "Strainee". Prevent clogged drains with an environmentally friendly solution. Non-toxic and earth friendly. Made of cornstarch.