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Changing the world without changing the Earth


EcoProduce bags



EcoProduce bags offer retailers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic produce bags. Ecolife's Ecoproduce bags offer exceptional strength to carry your fruits and vegetable purchases home.


EcoProduce bags are made from BioBag's certified compostable film MaterBi. This amazing biodegradable film allows ethylene gases to pass through the bag slowing the decomposition of fruits and vegetables and extending the freshness of purchases stored in them. Reuse them to extend the freshness of your purchases.


Environmentally friendly choice for supermarkets, grocery stores, fruit & vegetable markets,  and organic farmer markets.


Ask for them by name EcoProduce Bags.


1 Unit (Roll) = 800 Bags

1 CASE has 4 (Rolls) or 3200 Bags


Product Details

Item #: PBC1117
Description: Ecoproduce bags
1 units
Shipping Weight: 1.500 kg per unit
6.500 kg per case
Dimensions: 10x14x42 cm
Thickness: 15
Ordering Details

QtyPrice / each
1 unit$195.00 each
2-3 units$190.00 each
1 case of 4$740.00 ($185.00 each)
*Freight and applicable taxes extra

For volume and reseller purchase inquiries please contact us at



EcoLife Products is a proud member of
the Recycling Council of Ontario

On behalf of the environment, we thank you.