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Changing the world without changing the Earth
BioBag® Facts

  • The BioBag® is used by more than 700 municipalities throughout Europe and in North America
  • The BioBag® is 100% biodegradable & compostable as well as recyclable and burnable
  • BioBag® is made from the raw material MaterBi. Many grades are available for different applications. The material contains starch, biodegradable polyester and other natural plasticizers
  • BioBag® is completely composted after 10-45 days depending on method of composting
  • BioBag® Fully Certified by Canada's new BNQ Compostables certification.
  • BioBag® can be printed upon using Flexo print with up to 8 colours
  • BioBag® complies with the EU requirements for food packaging
  • BioBag® is certified by “OK Compost” and “Din Certco” according to the European Standard EN13432. The BioBag® is also certified by BPI according to ASTM D6400 for North America
  • The green ink used for printing, is certified by OK Compost according to the European Standard EN13432
  • BioBag® has a high barrier against penetration of viruses and bacteria
  • BioBag® is highly “breathable”, which means that the weight of the organic waste is reduced by up to 25 % in 5 days
  • BioBag® is more environmentally friendly in terms of production, transportation and treatment compared to other bags used for collection of organic waste
  • Biodegradable and compostable films can be produced in thicknesses from 10 to 180 micron. The quality and product characteristics can be tailored according to need for specific products within carrier bags, hygiene film, mulch film, food packaging and other technical demanding application


EcoProduce bags are low cost non polyethylene produce bags. A great new product that reduces plastic use and extends the freshness of your fruit and vegetable purchases. Certified

compostable and food safe.

Global Warming Potential

After our Bioshop bags have been used and re-used several times, they can be used as food waste bags and composted. In this way, it becomes a natural part of our environmental life cycle. Compared to paper bags, our carrier bags constitute a better environmental alternative.


  • The BioBag® has been approved for industrial applications in all methods of centralized composting processes including:
    1. In-Vessel Method
    2. Aerated Static Pile Method
    3. Windrow Method
  • The BioBag® is 100% biodegradable & compostable and is ideal for yard waste cuttings. No costly manual or machine debagging is required
  • The source of municipal waste is generated from two categories: residential waste, which makes up 40% of the waste stream; and secondly, industrial, commercial, and institutional wastes, which make up the remaining 60%
  • The BioBag® will handle composting organic waste and reduces landfill sites by as much as 30%
  • The BioBag® reduces the amout of volume by 1/5th the space that paper bags use in solid wastes. This adds up to energy savings, since BioBags® create less material to recycle or dispose.
  • Ecolife Products introduces Ecoindustrials -commercial industrial bin liners. A wide selection of in stock heavy duty compostable bin liners.
  • The BioBag® can be reused and recycled many times, just like normal plastic, but also breaks down between 10 to 45 days depending upon the composting method used.