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Changing the world without changing the Earth


The world is suffering from an energy and resource crisis. We are consuming far more than the Earth can support, with little thought to the consequences. We need to start conserving our resources and looking at more environmentally friendly solutions.

At Ecolife products we believe in making the world a better place for everyone by promoting biodegradable, compostable and other eco friendly products we use in everyday life.  We care about the environment and our products are designed to work with no or little effect to the world around us.  If we don't believe in it, we don't sell it.

There is an old native proverb about the earth we believe in.  It reads, " We did not inherit the Earth from our grandparents. We borrow it from our children".


Our products are NOT tested on animals.




EcoLife Products is a proud member of the Recycling Council of Ontario


Ecolife Value Statement 

Practice Integrity

We believe that honesty is always the best policy. We are upfront and open with all our actions, and maintain the highest ethical and moral standards in all our business practices.


Cultivate Leadership

We promote the growth of all people our employees and customers alike. We empower them with knowledge and resources to get results, grow our business and lead our markets.


Value our Customers

We find practical and effective ways to meet the needs of our customers through Excellent Execution Every time. We measure our success by that of our customers.


Create Transparency

We openly share knowledge and the best ideas across our organization, realizing that we are dependent on each other for success.


Drive Innovation

We evaluate what we are doing and continually challenge our methods and ask how we can simplify and improve our business. We never rest on our laurels but pause to celebrate success. We believe a crazy idea to change the world, could.


Support Diversity

We promote an environment where people are valued and rewarded on the basis of their efforts and ideas, without regard to their race, gender or creed.